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Varkentjes wassen - Game Potion
Varkentjes wassen - Game Potion
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Varkentjes wassen

  • Vendor: 999 games
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  • 6+
  • 10-30 min
  • 2 players
  • 3 players
  • 4 players
  • 999 Games
  • Board games
  • Children's Game
  • Dutch
  • €10 - €25

In  Scrub the Pig, twelve dirty pigs are placed in a square on the table. They have 1-6 spots of jam in one of four colors on their back, and they are looking in different directions. The active player rolls three dice that determine the color and the number of spots of the pig that must be cleaned next. (The third die adds or subtracts one spot.) The players quickly look for this particular pig, then race to snatch the piece of soap lying in the direction that this pig is looking. If this particular pig isn't visible, they must instead snatch the jam jar in the middle of the square. If the first player who grabs something grabs the correct item, he turns the pig so that it looks toward him; if the pig was already looking in his direction, he instead takes the pig tile. The player who has collected the most pigs at the end of the game wins.

  • 2014 Kinderspielexperten 5-to-9-year-olds Nominee

Original title: Scrub the Pig