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Matryoshka - Game Potion
Matryoshka - Game Potion
Matryoshka - Game Potion
Matryoshka - Game Potion
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  • Vendor: White Goblin Games
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  • 8+
  • 10-30 min
  • 3 players
  • 4 players
  • 5 players
  • Card Game
  • Dutch
  • Hand Management
  • Set Collection
  • Trading
  • White Goblin Games
  • €1 - €10

Some rare Matryoshka's, consisting of seven dolls, have been scattered in recent years and end up in the collection of a number of antique collectors. A complete set of these rare Matryoshka's is worth a lot of money on the antique market. Matryoshka's from different sets, but with the same size, also have a big value. The antique collectors have organized a meeting to exchange dolls and try to complete their rare Matryoshka's. Of course every collector wants to go home with the most valuable collection. But who will succeed in this?