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Machi Koro: Metropool - Game Potion
Machi Koro: Metropool - Game Potion
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Machi Koro: Metropool

  • Vendor: White Goblin Games
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  • 8+
  • 10-30 min
  • 2 players
  • 3 players
  • 4 players
  • Board games
  • Card Game
  • City Building
  • Dice Rolling
  • Dutch
  • Expansion
  • Set Collection
  • White Goblin Games
  • €1 - €10

You've done it! Under your management, Machi Koro has grown into a big city. Most residents, however, are ready for something new. New entertainment options, a new job, and some inhabitants even want a new and better home. Of course, you see opportunities to expand your city and grow into a real metropolis! On the edge of the city, there is room for a number of vineyards, which can then deliver products to the expensive French restaurants and the exclusive clubs. A contractor can work in the city to make room for new companies. And for the small trade fair, there is always a grocery store or a pawnshop where people can borrow their belongings.

This is the second expansion for Machi Koro. In addition to a lot of new buildings, a completely new game mechanism is introduced, which you can close buildings. An excellent opportunity to bother your competitors!

To play Machi Koro: Metropool, you need the basic game Machi Koro. In order to be able to play this expansion with five players, you also need the expansion Machi Koro: Harbor in addition to the basic game.

This version ds contain 2 very exclusive cards (specially designed by White Goblin Games)

Original Title: Machi Koro: Millionaire's Row