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Flying Kiwis - Game Potion
Flying Kiwis - Game Potion
Flying Kiwis - Game Potion
Flying Kiwis - Game Potion
Flying Kiwis - Game Potion
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Flying Kiwis

  • Vendor: White Goblin Games
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  • 5+
  • 0-10 min
  • 2 players
  • 3 players
  • 4 players
  • Action / Movement Programming
  • Animals
  • Children's Game
  • Dutch
  • Pattern Building
  • Real-time
  • White Goblin Games
  • €10 - €25

Kiwi birds may be flightless, but with a little help from you, they can take to the air ? possibly winning you Flying Kiwis in the process.

Each player starts with a stack of ten kiwi bird discs and a catapult ramp of sorts that has a rubber band on it. Everyone sits around the game box, which has sixteen pockets (or landing spaces) in a 4x4 grid. When someone gives the signal, everyone starts launching their kiwi discs at the box, trying to land them in the pockets. If someone creates a 2x2 square of kiwis or a 1x4 row of kiwis in their color, they win the game instantly ? so don't let them do this! Cover up their discs with yours, and keep shooting until all the kiwis have flown.

If no one wins instantly, then each player claims any stacks in which their kiwi is on top, taking all of the kiwis that lie underneath their bird as well. Players then stack their tokens, and whver has the tallest stack wins!

The text above has been quoted from and can be found on boardgamegeek.