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Bali - Game Potion
Bali - Game Potion
Bali - Game Potion
Bali - Game Potion
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The inhabitants of Bali regard their island as a world of gods and demons. The people sacrifice much of the harvest to appease these gods and the spirits of their ancestors. Farmers collect goods on the fields. When a shrine is built, these goods can be sacrificed. Priests help with these sacrifices and also chase away any demons.

The Bali game system is refined and novel: Take one card from the general display and reveal the card lying underneath ? which could be disastrous for all! Only those who make the right decisions will please the gods best and score the most points.

Bali, a new edition of Rapa Nui, contains two new variants: The Demon and The Oracle.

The text above has been quoted from and can be found on boardgamegeek.