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New in stock: EXIT - Het Verboden Slot

by Tom Neels

Exit is a challenging cooperative escape room game! Escape the mysterious castle as quickly as possible. Try to solve all puzzles and break all codes within one and a half hours. Only then do you escape from the location where you are locked up. Logical thinking and perseverance are required to bring this game to a successful conclusion. And if you really do not get out, the game contains tip cards to get you on the right track. "EXIT: Het Verboden Slot" is only playable once because the play material must be described, folded or torn off. But just like in a "real" escape room, we guarantee a very intense puzzle and playing experience! The puzzles are pretty spicy. This makes the game especially suitable for avid puzzlers and escape room enthusiasts.

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Ontsnap uit het geheimzinnige kasteel! Probeer in dit uitdagende coöperatieve escape room-spel binnen anderhalf uur alle puzzels op te lossen en alle codes te breken. Hulpkaarten brengen jullie op het goede spoor. Intense spelervaring voor fervente puzzelaars en escape room-liefhebbers.

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