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New in stock: Charterstone

by Tom Neels

In the Kingdom of Greengully, which has been ruled by the Eternal King for centuries, residents are given the task of expanding the country by colonizing nearby areas. In order to establish a new village, the Eternal King has selected 6 inhabitants for this task. Each resident has a unique skill that they can use.

Charterstone is a competitive legacy game. You erect buildings and populate a shared village. Building stickers are permanently added to the game board and action places can be used by everyone. At the beginning of the game you start with simple choices and a few workers, but soon you have a busy village with dozens of possible actions.

Your journey lasts 12 games, but it does not end there. Your finished village will be a unique worker-placement game with a lot of variation.Charterstone offers the following:
- A streamlined rulebook: learn while you play and add rules when you unlock content
- Elements of engine-building (building an engine) in every game and for the duration of the entire campaign
- A storyline with branches where short-term decisions affect the long term
- A secret part that can only be found in one other board game
- 75+ 'crates' that can be opened: 36 metal coins, 350+ unique cards and 230+ wooden tokens (exactly 12 of each raw material: wood, coal, grain, stone, iron and pumpkin)


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