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New in stock: Cartagena

by Tom Neels

The complete story of the legendary escape! Step into the magical world of Cartagena and play your favorite scenario Choose which part of the story you are going to play. You can make the game shorter or longer by varying the number of game boards and pirates. The choice is yours! No game will be the same! And is not this all enough? In the rules you can find even more fun variations!

-The basic game tells the first part of the escape: the flight through the subterranean passages to the sloop.

-But you can also choose to play only the second part in which the pirates pull through the jungle of Tortuga.

-You can also play the whole story in one game. In addition, 

-Then try the "Morgan" variant, before getting cards in a new way, you will have to come up with new strategies to win the game

-You can also apply "Black Magic"! magic and every card gets a special power. You determine where and when you apply this force. Plenty of surprises.


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